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Latest Release (Link): , requires libHX 1.8.0 or newer

Mar 30 2007

The Solaris port seems stable now. I have not got around to a release yet, but you can already try it out by downloading the SVN repository (at and go from there. You will also need a newer libHX, which will be pulled as part of the svn checkout. ttyrpld has been developed and tested with snv_39, 45, 59 and 60. I will continue to track OpenSolaris development as time permits.

Sep 07 2008 — ttyrpld 2.52 released

This release updates the code to work with libHX 1.25 and Linux 2.6.27.

May 16 2008 — ttyrpld 2.51 released

Updated the kernel parts (rpldhk and rpldev) for Linux 2.6.25, OpenBSD 4.3, FreeBSD 7.0 and NetBSD 4.0.

Jan 01 2008 — ttyrpld 2.50 released

Changed the packet format to be compatible between 32-bit and 64-bit and added a converter for old log files.

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